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Please register here for the Wilma Theater's Portable Studio program at the Logan Library. Enjoy this free theater class which brings Wilma artists into libraries to give adults a space to be creative, tell stories, write poetry, and have fun. This program includes free tickets (and SEPTA passes) to Wilma Theater performances on South Broad Street.
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Click here for the classes you'll be joining us for. We hope you'll be able to join us for most of the classes, but we understand life has many commitments.
*SAVE THE DATE: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29 AT 2PM AND/OR TUESDAY, MARCH 3rd AT 6:30pm is our FREE PORTABLE STUDIO PEROFRMANCES OF RENAISSANCE IN THE BELLY OF A KILLER WHALE at the Wilma Theater. You will receive an invitation to register for one of these shows!
Portable Studio Members from around the city will receive complimentary tickets to this show at the Wilma and bring friends and family for $5! (Free SEPTA Passes will be provided.)
Thank you for joining the Portable Studio at the Logan Library. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez at rohanlonrodriguez@wilmatheater.org.
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