Official FAI Report Form
Please complete and submit the following form to file an incident report with the Flashpoint Artists Initiative Conduct Committee. This form is intended to collect information about possible conduct code violations within our community, and will be used for record keeping and to inform any potential followup and investigation, so be as thorough as possible. Anonymous reports cannot be followed up on, but will be retained for record keeping purposes, and potentially referenced during the investigation of related incidents.

All reports will be received by the Committee, and will be assigned a caseworker if any action is to be taken. Once we feel an adequate investigation has been made, the committee will discuss what actions should be taken and then send their recommendations to the BOD, who will make the final call on all cases. As it requires a board vote to close a case and take action, please expect this process to take some time.

Important to remember:

Reports can only be submitted by someone directly harmed in the action- third parties are not able to report for others because we need explicit consent to investigate by the wronged person.

The committee only has standing to act in response to actions that took place within an FAI sphere- at an event, on official social media pages, or by named volunteer leads.

Please understand that the committee will be in planning and review two weeks before and after the event, contact will be made once this period has passed.

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*While you may report anonymously, please keep in mind that doing so makes it impossible for the Conduct Committee to do any follow up on the incident, and thus no action can be taken as a direct result of this report. Anonymous reports can still be useful if they contain verifiable facts and can help indicate patterns, but are limited by our inability to follow up.
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What are your pronouns?
It is important to FAI that all members of the community have their identity respected, and as such we would like to be able to use the appropriate pronouns in our records and correspondence.
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Preferred Contact Details (Email, Phone, etc.) *
This is required if any followup is desired.
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Basis for reporting *
What happened? The amount of detail provided will help to determine how quickly we can come to a decision on your case.
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Date and Time of Incident *
An approximation is fine
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Location Where The Incident Took Place *
An approximation is fine, please include any theme camps involved if possible.
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Can you identify those involved in the incident?
Can you say, without a doubt that you know who this person/people were?
If those involved can be identified, please provide what you can of the following: Burn name, legal name, contact info, and theme camp affiliation *
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Were there any witnesses/bystanders? *
If there were any witnesses or bystanders, please specify who they were, if known, should the investigators need to reach out to them with your approval. Any and all contact information would be useful.
Limiting our ability to reach out to witnesses will limit our ability to investigate fully.
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Is there any reason we should not talk to other individuals identified in this report or their TCOs about this incident?
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What resolution do you hope for? *
(Examples: No action just informing, Rangers/BoD talk to other(s) involved, they stay away from complainant, ejecting/banning them) This does not guarantee this action will be taken, however it gives us an idea of the goal you wish to accomplish.
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Will you be pursuing legal action?
FAI understands that there are many reasons to not reach out to law enforcement, not doing so will not effect your case being treated seriously by the conduct committee. The Conduct Committee will not pursue legal action, however if you were to do so on your own, all recorded communication received by the Conduct Committee (starting with this report) can be subpoenaed under certain circumstances. The conduct committee can also use any official legal documents in their deliberations with your consent.
It is important to know that while the Conduct Committee and FAI will do its best to maintain confidentiality of reports, it is possible that anything reported to us may become discoverable in legal proceedings. *
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