Connections 2019 Game Night
Welcome to the Connections 2019 Game Night form! Connections 2019 will occur at the Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA from August 13-16, 2019.

Held on the first and second nights of the conference (August 13 and 14), the Connections Game Night is both a social event and a chance to play some games that might not otherwise be available in the conference program. Participants bring games they want to run or play, in an environment with ample table space and a pool of conference attendees to draw from as players.

This can also be an excellent forum to seek play-testing and direct feedback on your game designs, if you have a game at some stage of prototyping that you would like to play-test.

In order to coordinate what games will be available for play during Connections Game Night, the Game Night Chair are seeking input from attendees on what games they have and would like to run during Game Night. If you have any questions please contact Mike Dunn (

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Are there specific games, either commercial, self designed, or from your institution, that you would want to run during Game Night? If the game is not a commercially available title, please include a one or two sentence description of it.
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Do you of your games have on-site logistical requirements beyond a table space and chairs for participants? If so you, please describe.
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