Marian Consecration 2019
Welcome and thanks for joining us as we consecrate ourselves and our ministries to Jesus through Mary! It is an amazing gift to know we are praying with others! To that end, would you share some basic information here so that we can walk these 33-days together? Not to mention it will help us communicate details and encourage each other along the way from February 20 to the Annunciation on March 25th.
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We will post your name and location as a "dropped pin" on a map we'll have on our website so that people can "see" who else is making the preparation. If you prefer to not have your full name on our website then you can just share your first name and last initial or avoid it altogether and simply put "Anonymous".
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This will NOT be public. This is simply for us to stay in touch with you periodically throughout the Consecration.
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We will keep in touch periodically with everyone, but you can choose to also receive daily email reminders.
Parish/School/Organization Information
The following information will be used to drop pins onto a map so that we can each have a tangible reminder of the unity in prayer we share through this Marian Consecration. Because this will be public information on our website, please use the name and address of the Parish, School, or Organization with which you are associated.
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