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How would you classify yourself as a student?
Are you aware of the recent 6.6% increase in tuition costs as approved by the University of Manitoba Board of Governors?
How would you describe the affordability of your post-secondary education after the recent tuition increase?
Are you aware of the 0.9% ($3.1 Million) cut to the University of Manitoba's operating grant by the Provincial Government?
Are you aware of Open Educational Resources? (Freely Accessible course materials/ textbooks that can be used in classes at no charge)
Do you feel sufficiently aware of the financial aid (bursaries and scholarships) that is available to students and how to apply for it?
Do you believe the University of Manitoba properly balances the affordability and quality of education in their budgetary decisions?
What do you think should be the number one area in which UMSU should advocate to make education more affordable?
Are you willing to join an open working group to make education more accessible on our campus?
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