Training Needs Survey for 2018
About the Survey: To assist our members and clients based in Phnom Penh to identify the right training program in developing their employee, CAMFEBA would like to conduct a training need survey to obtain specific data to to design the right training courses that are mostly needed in the year of 2018.

** After completing the survey, you shall receive 10% discount for all public training/workshop in Phnom Penh conducted by CAMFEBA during April-June 2018.

Section A: About you & company
Please fill out this information as follows:
Company's Name *
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Position *
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Email Address *
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How many staff do you have now?
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Are you a CAMFEBA member? *
Section B: Previous Training Evaluation and Need Analysis
Please provide accurate information for us to analyze the right needs for you. CAMFEBA will keep is as confidential information.
1. How did your organization provide training course to staffs? *
2. What are the training courses that have been conducted for your staff in 2017? please list down in answer box below: *
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Does your company need to do them again in 2018? If need, what are they? *
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3. Where did the training take place?
4. List three training centers that used to conduct training to your company in the last years: *
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5. Who were involved in deciding what kind of training for your staff? Please tick more than one if the process involves a combination of the options given below. *
Individually, by myself
by line manager
By the HR
By GM or Board...etc
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6. Do any of the following factors prevent you from attending your training/ needs? Please tick those that apply. *
Cost of training
Location of training
Length of training
Training not available
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Section C: Previous experience with CAMFEBA
Your evaluation is much appreciate for our future improvement
7. Have you ever attend training conducted by CAMFEBA over the last two years?
8. In overall, how would you rate the quality of CAMFEBA’s training/seminar?
9. Based on your experience, how would you rate CAMFEBA for the following item?
Very Good
Training/Seminar arrangement: Facilities, Venue.
Training/Seminar speaker or facilitator
Training/Seminar materials
Training/Seminar Period and schedule
Training/Seminar fee
Support activities after the event: thanks letter, send pictures and report.
Section D: Your Training Needs & Plan in 2018
Please provide accurate information for us to analyze the right needs for you. CAMFEBA will keep is as confidential information.
10. Any particular topics that you plan to train your staff in 2018 and When should be the right time for you to start train your staff? Please list down in box answer below:
April-Jun 2018
July-Sep 2018
Oct-Dec 2018
Jan-Mar 2019
Labor law Related Courses
Marketing , Sales or Customer Service Tranings
OSH or Fire Fighting Related Courses
Leadership, Managment or Supervisory Trainings
HR Related Trainings
Administration and Operation Trainings
Personal Effectiveness ( Time management, Decision Making,....)
Finance and Accounting Trainings
Not Applicable
11. Link to question above, Do you have any specific topics in mind ? *
Your answer
12. How long does the training most convenient for your working time? *
Two days
One day
Half day
One or two hours per day
Please select
13. With the condition you select in #12, how much you think your company would pay for the training fee? *
50$-100$ per person
100$-150$ per person
150$-200$ per person
More than 200$ per person
Please select
Thanks for your time!!
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