Application - Undergraduate research
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Ex: Minie Mouse
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UOP email address (other ok only if you are not at UOP) *
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Ex: Prepharm 3+3
Plan to graduate at the end of ___________. *
Ex: fall 2015
Current GPA
Ex: 3.42
Planned # semesters of research *
Ex: 2
Desired start *
Ex: fall 2014
Desired # credits in the first semester *
Ex: 4
Why do you want to do research, and why in our lab? *
If you know about our research, what type of project do you see yourself working on? *
Do you have professional plans for after graduation? If so, what do you plan to do? *
Will you bring any extra skill to our lab? *
Ex: major in psychology, have raised 10 fishes 3 cats and a monkey, fluent in Korean, can program in php, love drawing, run a business.
Please list the courses / profs that you have taken in the dept. of biology so far. *
Ex: BIOL051 - Dr. Brunell
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