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We are inviting people to be part of the team to conduct workshops, day programmes, adventure camps and leadership camps. Please spend 10 minutes to complete the form. Do submit a copy of your certifications that you declared "Yes" to verification. All information submitted will be kept private & confidential.

Successful applicants will by notified by email. The management reserves the right to reject any applicant who is not eligible for our programmes.

Team Building Team Learning
ACRA Registration: 53274941C

Melvin Chong (Senior Executive)
Contact: 8233 5242
Website: (Available for viewing and under construction)

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We want to help you achieve your potential and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.
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Social Emotional Learning
We need personal values to enable us to succeed. The confidence and self-awareness are critically crucial for us to persevere in any challenging tasks. What are 3 values you have and elaborate each of them on how you apply it in your life.
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