This is the pre-registration form for the LIL-CON #5 Miniatures Painting contest.

Painting contest rules:

Please bring your own brushes. Bringing your own paint and miniatures figures is a plus. It's advised to do so as there is not much paint for sale on hand. You may bring in your own figure and paints to use for the contest. If you do not have a miniature or paint, there will be some to buy at the convention at the Casual Dragons booth, however paint will be in a limited supply, so bringing your own materials is very good to do.

All All paint used should be acrylic paint due to it drying quickly.

All contestants must register their miniature figures at the booth.

Contestants may enter up to 3 miniatures for the contest.

All painting of figures must be done on site.

If you wish to clean your water we will direct you to where to change it out.

Judging will be based on accuracy, and general overall look.. Colors don't always have to be thematic, so blend your originality as well as thematic ideas if wished.

Winners will be for 1st and 2nd place, where 1st place will win a 4" x 4" x 4" 5-headed Hydra with wings, as well as a prize box.2nd place will win a choice consolation prize.

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What kind of figure are you bringing? If you don't have a figure to bring, let us know if you need one. *
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Remember to bring your own paint, brushes, and or possible figurines, but if you do need paint, we might have it if you request it. If you need any of these, please let us know. if it is paint let us know what you need.
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