THE next MARCHING ARTS band! > A series of blended work sessions and collective performance / Gívan Belá & Michal Mitro

NEXT 2021 // Advanced Music Festival // Bratislava

Workshop leaders: Gívan Belá (fka Guy Van Belle), Michal Mitro

Dates and Times:

Series 1 – Online
FRIDAY | 19/11-21/11 | 12.00-13.00

Series 2 – Onlocation (YMCA, Karpatska 2, Bratislava, 1st Floor)
FRIDAY | 26/11 | 15.00-18.00
SATURDAY | 27/11 | 13.00-16.00
SUNDAY | 28/11 | 13.00-16.00
Final performance: SUNDAY | 28/11 | 16.00-17.00

In the remote/connected/online part (19-21/11) you will learn to use the peer-to-peer app Sonobus, and play together with low latency at full sound quality. We will make an audio score, to be used the week later (26-28/11) on location in Bratislava for further building layers on, and to perform live with as finissage concert for the NEXT festival (28/11). 

As an exercise in embodied music, we update the good old concept of the fanfare/marching band/fanfáry/harsonaszó: playing while walking, presumably outdoors. Any small handheld objects that produce sound will do: battery operated electronics, resonating objects, your voice... We will use some megaphones and small amplifiers, but also bring your own wearable amplification if possible. And comfortable shoes. If the weather allows we will walk/play the concert outdoors.
Preferred walking speed: about 2.0 metres per second (7.2 km/h or 2m/s) modulated by time to destination, motivation, and metabolic efficiency. Let’s move!

Level: Beginner to Expert and Professional
Age and Gender: All
Skills: Be interested in experimenting together with sound and movement. 

Series 1 – Online:
- Concepts and ideas of the THE next MARCHING ARTS band!
- Sonobus app tutorial (any platform including tablets and smart phones)
- Small jam sessions online
- Realisation of a number of soundfiles to work with the following week

Series 2 – Onlocation:  
- Concepts and ideas of the THE next MARCHING ARTS band! 
- Roundup of all technology digital and analog
- How to make music while walking
- Rehearsing the performance/concert: pieces and choreography
- Performing the NEXT Sunday!

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