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I Am Your Protector is launching a campaign to create a collection of Protectors from across the United States to honor and highlight their actions. By bringing these stories to light, we aim to deconstruct hate, inspire and empower individuals and communities to rise as each other’s Protectors.
You can submit or nominate a Protector. Fill out the form below, send a description of the story in maximum 600 words and send the picture of the Protector.
Protectors selected from the stories submitted will be part of the collections of exhibits across the US and internationally. I Am Your Protector collections have been exhibited in places such as at the United Nations headquarter, the City Hall of London, public spaces in the heart of cities.

Your Protector story will allow to take collections internationally with a toolkit, events and projects to empower people to rise as Protectors and build communities of Protectors.

Narratives shape what we do, what we do shapes reality.

We are overexposed to narratives that present certain communities in a negative way leading to division, polarization and hate, at the same time, we are underexposed to the numerous positive, constructive and inspiring stories of individuals from those same communities.

The Protectors’ Stories Album collects and highlights Protectors to expose and amplify the stories that challenges the misperception, deconstructs hatred and empower us to rise as each other’s protectors.

To learn more about I Am Your Protector visit www.iamyourprotector.org and join our community on www.facebook.com/iamyourprotector

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To see more examples of Protector stories please visit the Gallery of Protectors on www.iamyourprotector.org
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