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We're always excited to onboard new writers to our platform. Please read our following criteria to know more about our evaluation criteria.

Don’t skimp on the intro — You know what they say: first impressions are everything. We receive a lot of submissions that begin with a couple of lines and quickly cut to: X tips for doing Y better. Instead of rushing, get creative with your introduction. Drop us into the action; paint a vivid picture of a real-life example; come up with an attention-grabbing way to introduce us to your story, be it a shocking research finding or a little-known statistic.

Do the research — Not infrequently, we receive stories that include assertion after assertion with zero authoritative sources or research. Unless you’re Elon Musk, you’ll need something to hang your hat on. On second thought, we’d probably ask Musk for links to sources, too. Because even the best writers back their facts up with references — be it published research or expert opinion. Include links to sources that support the factual assertions in your writing.

Master the headline — We can help you tweak this part, but the stories that immediately grab our attention already have strong headlines and subheads. Consider the stories that draw you in — do their headlines sound like clickbait-y advertisements? (The Secret to This Productivity Hack Will Shock You!) Or, are they thoughtful, high-quality propositions that leave you deeply curious for more. (Productivity Is About Prioritizing, Not About Time Management). I’m guessing the latter.

Don’t transplant ideas — Again, we allow and even encourage you to rely on other publications to support your facts. But we do not accept the transplanting of another writer’s ideas entirely. (Also, it violates Medium’s rules against plagiarism.) Simply rewording doesn’t cut the mustard, either.

Ask yourself: why? Why should the reader spend the time it takes (typically 5–10 minutes) to read your story? Will it add value to their lives? Will it entertain them? Could it change their way of thinking? It’s good practice to consider the “why” before you sit down to write anything.

Avoid self-promotion and aggressive call-to-actions throughout and at the bottom of your stories. Talking about your business is OK but don’t let it turn your audience off.

Unpublished draft submissions only: we do not accept already published stories.

We respond within 24-H at maximum.
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