Bitsrent Airdrop
Bitsrent cryptocurrency is designed to primarily serve the rental & leasing industry with blockchain technology network.

Bitsrent is a very transparent rental & leasing service token and a price negotiation platform uniting customers all over the world. It automates all the standard rental tasks. Through Bitsrent, customers can perform all the basic rental activities with considerable ease. Bitsrent brings all the real-world business processes of rental and leasing industry like submission of information, rental agreements, and business transactions of payments to the Orbit Blockchain. Records of both the tenants and landlords will appear on the Blockchain where they will be continuously updated with real-time processing.
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Airdrop Rules:
1. Participants must follow and completed all the rules and guidelines for Airdrops.

2. Spam and advertising other projects in the Bitsrent Telegram group will result in permanent ban from all exclusive airdrops without any notice.

3. Misbehaving in group is strictly prohibited.

3. Claiming the airdrop with multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. If we detect multiple claims the respective users will be banned from all our running and upcoming exclusive airdrops and lose all their rewards without any notification.

4. Telegram users must write some message to the group. 'Hello' , 'Hi', 'Good Project', 'Nice group', 'Nice concept', 'Unique concept' etc is not countable.
Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Join Bitsrent Telegram community channel:

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4. Subscribe and hit Bell icon in our Youtube channel:

5. If you have done all tasks above, Fill out the airdrop form in next step with your details.
You will receive 500 BTR tokens.
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Terms & Conditions
Bitsrent’s platform and all technical developments are subject to changes in the interpretation, application, and marketing and anticipated timeline. We do not foresee any future problems or setbacks arising although sudden changes can impact the launch, utility and/or value of the coin and management reserves the right to action such changes. Changes can be but not limited to internal policies, personnel restructuring, coin distributions, technical developments of the BTR coin and/or external factors outside of our control. Although this document details the functionality of the Bitsrent platform, the value of the BTR coin will depend on the health of the platform and the adoption of its use by its users, partners and the general public, which can be impacted by many factors that are beyond our control. In addition, the ability to trade the coin on internet exchanges may be impacted by third parties and their trading policies. New policies and regulations governing the use of the BTR coin and/or online exchanges may affectits value or the ability for it to trade on the market.

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