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This program was created to provide students guidance on how to brainstorm business ideas, Hone-in on their God-given gifts/skills, and develop a business (either an online or at-home local business) while utilizing the power of digital/online marketing.  The course is designed to strengthen critical thinking, spark innovative career ideas, improve communication skills, teach how to be a leader, and help students become business-savvy entrepreneurs and potentially, maybe one day, utilize these skills to become financially independent.  

Parents/Guardians, we welcome and encourage you to be involved in the process.   While this class is for educational purposes only, earning money is certainly possible.  That’s when they would ask for your involvement, if at all possible.  

To develop an online business (or at least create an online presence for an at-home business), our students will need to access the internet, but more specifically, they will need to access and post on social media platforms including; Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or any other social media platform that may help boost their brand and their efforts.   They will be supervised in class and we have asked that they keep you informed of their efforts, progress, and communication while outside of our class.

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Will you grant them permission to use/build/post on the internet and social media platforms for the sole purposes of this entrepreneur "Online Business" class?  
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Depending on their chosen business model,  they may decide to record their own tutorial videos or promo videos.  Students may also take pictures for their own business profiles.  We may want to also use these pictures/videos to showcase the class to our community & to celebrate their achievements.  With the Print-On-Demand course, most of their work will feature digital designs, and in some cases this consent may not be necessary. If it does apply, do you allow permission?
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