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Arts and Digital Literacy

Arts and Digital Literacy is a program of the Texas Cultural Trust in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts that bridges fine arts education and technology. This initiative develops and supports project-based, fine arts curricula for high school teachers to that establish the connection between traditional fine arts education and digital media, creating learning experiences that develop a student’s capacity for critical thinking, creativity, imagination, and innovation.

The 83rd Texas Legislative session validated the importance of the arts with the passage of House Bill 5, which requires that schools teach 21st century learning skills, develop community partnerships, and focus on digital learning. The Arts and Digital Literacy curricula are based on a combined set of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in fine arts and technology, resulting in rigorous arts courses that are designed to develop students’ media literacy and prepare them for the 21st century workplace.

In 2013, the Texas State Board of Education approved the new student standards for the Fine Arts. These new standards include all of the Trust’s courses (Art and Media Communications I & II, Music and Media Communications I, Theatre and Media Communications I & II, Dance and Media Communications I & II). With the implementation of the new Fine Arts standards in the 2015-16 school year, students who complete one of these courses will receive one fine arts credit. Currently, all Texas high school students are required to have one fine arts credit for graduation.

Classroom Technology Grant recipients must: teach one of the courses under the PEIMS code during the 2019-2020 school year, offer one of the Arts and Digital Literacy courses for three years, participate in a telephone interview, allow a classroom observation upon request, and respond to a short survey at the beginning and end of each school year. Administrators must commit to supporting the teacher’s involvement in this project.

PEIMS codes:

Theatre and Media Communications I
PEIMS Code: 03251300
Theatre and Media Communications II
PEIMS Code: 03251400

Music and Media Communications I
PEIMS Code: 03156400
Music and Media Communications II
PEIMS Code: 03158500

Art and Media Communications I
PEIMS Code: 03500120
Art and Media Communications II
PEIMS Code: 03501230

Dance and Media Communications I
PEIMS Code: 03834500
Dance and Media Communications II
PEIMS Code: 03834600


PART ONE: Applicant Information and PEIMS codes

PART TWO: Grant Application

PART THREE: Equipment/Device Request Form (Shopping Cart)

PART FOUR: Assurances

PART FIVE: Application Timeline

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How many years have you taught one of the Arts and Digital Literacy courses? *
Which of the following curricula are offered in your school or district in the current school year? (Select all that apply) *
Have you attended a training institute for Arts and Digital Literacy or a similar training (Select all that apply) *
Clearly describe your perspective on the relationship between the fine arts and technology? *
If you have taught one of the courses, how did your teaching practice change? OR how do you see your teaching practice changing by teaching these courses? *
What technology do you currently have available for use in your classroom? List the number of devices, and whether they are shared or exclusive to your classroom. *
How often do your students use technology for their creative process in your classroom? *
How would you rate the level of knowledge/experience your students have in regards to using technology as a creative tool? *
How can the additional technology resources enhance your students' learning? *
Please explain your district’s approach to fine arts education and what types of support they offer. *
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What other support, partnerships, or grants have you received or expect to receive this year? *
In 5 sentences or less, describe why you believe you are a good candidate for receiving this grant. *
Note: Teacher may want to consult with the Technology Specialist for next questions
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