Expression of Interest to participate in the Global Feminist LBQ Women's* Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 6-9 July, 2019
Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in participating in the First Global Feminist LBQ Women's* Conference! Please fill in our online Expression of Interest Form to be considered for participating on a self-funded basis.

How does it work?

The deadline for submitting the Expression of Interest is April 10. We will review all received applications after the deadline. We will make a selection according to criteria that the Working Group for the conference has determined as important to ensure that we are prioritizing communities that do not usually get an opportunity to be part of global spaces. In short, we will prioritize giving access to people who are not in a privileged position. This means that filling out the expression of interest form is the first step into the selection process, it does not guarantee your participation. Our goal is to have a conference with participants who are as diverse as possible. Also we are committed to ensuring the representation of all identities in their diversity. Apart from your motivation to participate, we will therefore also look at how you identify and where you are located. We honour your privacy so your individual responses will be used only to guide our decision-making.

Where will the conference be?

The conference will be held at: Century City Conference Center in Century City near Cape Town, South Africa. If you are selected to participate in the conference we recommend you to book accommodation for yourself near the venue as soon as possible.


Please check our website's FAQ section for more information If
you have any questions, please email the organizing team at:

Please note, that filling out this form doesn't guarantee your participation, as it is just the first step into the selection process. We will let you know around April 25 if you have been selected to participate in the conference.
We strongly advise everybody who registers to make sure you are able to afford all costs connected to your participation (flight/accommodation/conference package/visas etc.). We unfortunately no longer have scholarship opportunities available, but you can look into possibilities to be funded individually (through embassies, regional (women’s) funds, crowdfunding, etc.) or via your organization. Make sure you know if you can participate before the deadline of April 10.

• All questions marked with * are mandatory. Please do not leave them blank.
• Please copy and paste the questions from the application into a Word or Google doc to avoid loosing your answers.
• Please open a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word, on your computer to count the number of words and spell check your essays. Then cut and paste your final answers into the application system.
• Please do NOT use the back button on your web browser to go back a page, but rather click on "Previous" bottom in the end of the page.
• If you find the font size too small, then you may zoom in on the application with CTRL + or CMD

Please fill in the form until April 10. Make sure that all questions are answered, there will be no follow up. Incomplete Expression of Interest forms will not be taken into consideration.

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