Are you Interested in having the N.A. Fiddlers play at your Function?
What is the name of your group/ organization?
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What date did you want the fiddlers to play? *
What is the approximate time that you would want the fiddlers to play?
(Their set list is approximately 45 min to an hour.)
Address of the performance site:
(Also add any additional parking information, driving directions and unpacking area if needed.)
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Can you supply a room for the fiddlers to unpack?
(The fiddlers normally need a place to unpack and warm up as a group. A large room that can hold about 20 kids + cases would be helpful.)
Do you need the fiddlers to supply a sound system or do you have your own?
If you checked yes please make sure that the performance site is near an outlet where we can plug a sound system into the wall.
If you are able, can you give a small donation to the group. The money goes directly to the students where we purchase instruments, books, materials, supplies, food for jams and more.
How many people will be at your function.
This helps us determine if you need a sound system.
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