Zariah L. Banks Book Club Meeting Request
We would like to give your book club the opportunity to meet with Zariah L. Banks online to discuss her debut novel Beauty Beheld. We appreciate your desire to support a brand new author in her pursuit of connecting with readers. 

Beauty Beheld description:

Life is practically perfect for Patience Hampton. She enjoys her challenging work as a voice actor, has a supportive network of family and friends, and is expecting a proposal from her long-term boyfriend, Daniel. But, when Patience is blindsided with shocking news, in an instant, everything she’s placed her trust in comes crashing down. 

While recovering from her explosive breakup, Patience is finally determined to focus on defining happiness. So, when she crosses paths with Mr. Charisma, Lennox Davenport, while on a business trip out of town, she’s open to spending the night with the handsome stranger. Lennox is everything Patience didn’t know she needed: assertive, encouraging, inquisitive, and has a sex appeal that leaves her senseless. As their interactions quickly intensify, she realizes she doesn’t know herself at all. 

Patience wants much more from her casual relationship with Lennox and begins recognizing how the relationship residue left by an absent father and a manipulative ex poses harm to her growth, healing, and happiness. Is she ready to finally release her emotional baggage and love freely? Or will her toxic habits resurface to sabotage yet another chance of finding real love with the man who has finally managed to behold her beauty within?

Please consider additional options below for spreading the word about Beauty Beheld.

Pre Release:

- Join Zariah's private Facebook Group where she'll post updates and things to share prior to the book launch
 - Read an advance copy of the book and share your thoughts about it online
 - Join in on a couple of virtual book discussion cocktail hours with Zariah and the rest of the Street Team
 - Use your social media to help spread the word to your friends Beauty Beheld

Post Release:

Choose 4 FREE activities (Takes 5 minutes or less):
  • Call your local library and request them to order a book club discussion set for Beauty Beheld
  • Add Beauty Beheld to your To Be Read shelf on Goodreads
  • Tweet about Beauty Beheld
  • Make an Instagram post about Beauty Beheld (post, story, reel)
  • Personally recommend Beauty Beheld to a friend you think will enjoy it (email, text, phone, or DM)
  • RT/repost/share Zariah’s post about her book to your stories 
  • Comment on Zariah’s post about her book on any social network
  • Comment on someone else’s post and create your own post about Zariah’s book in the Facebook Black Girls Read TOO group 

Possibly Free (depending on your library access):
  • Review the book on Amazon (on release day) or Goodreads (pre-orders)
  • Copy-paste the review to the other one (Goodreads or Amazon)
  • Share a quote from your review (not the book) on any social media
  • Share a meaningful quote from the book on any social media (bonus if you say what it means to you!)
Under $20
  • Buy the book or ebook for a friend who loves women's fiction
 Requires More Effort, But Very Helpful for Zariah:
  • Write a review of the book for your or someone else’s blog
  • Contact your favorite literary podcast or YouTube channel requesting to see Zariah on it (with two reasons why they’d be a great fit for their show)
  • Write about the book in your newsletter
  • Ask Zariah to join her launch team
  • Ask Zariah for an ARC to review the book on your blog or social media in depth

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