A Statement by Alumni and Students of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) against the Extradition Bill Amendments in Hong Kong 倫敦政治經濟學院校友、師生就修訂《逃犯條例》之聯署聲明
(Please scroll down for Chinese) (Updated as of 6:38 am GMT 18th June)

We are a group of alumni, students and staff from the London School of Economics, deeply concerned about the amendments to the Fugitive Ordinance proposed by the Hong Kong SAR government.

The cause of concern is the local government’s attempts to bulldoze through amendments that will allow Hong Kong to extradite criminal suspects to Mainland China for trials on an ad hoc basis. Though limited to 37 types of offences, the proposed changes lower the level of scrutiny required for extradition, by giving the Chief Executive the power to approve these arrangements without consulting the parliament of Hong Kong. Once the extradition request is signed off, the local courts’ role is limited to reviewing the legal texts and evidence provided by the Mainland authorities to see if a prima facie case against the suspect can be substantiated. The Hong Kong courts will not have the authority to refuse extradition on the ground of unsatisfactory human rights records or judicial processes.

It is a widely known fact that China's legal system is weak while their rule of law is all but non-existent. On that basis, it is highly conceivable that suspects, whether foreign or local citizens, could be extradited under false accusations, for political or commercial gain. In addition, since China's legal system is also less transparent, there is no guarantee that extradited suspects would be subject to a fair trial. It is precisely for these reasons that Hong Kong has not signed a rendition agreement with the Mainland since the handover.

Besides legal issues, there are profound economic implications. The passage of the bill will inevitably undermine the foundations of Hong Kong's economic success. It reduces the very legal protections for local and foreign businesses that preserves Hong Kong's well-regarded rule of law and reputation as an international financial and business hub. With businesses relocating to destinations with satisfactory safeguards, local job creation is likely to slow if not reverse, leading to stagnant wage growth. In fact, several prominent chambers of commerce have already expressed concerns over the proposed bill amendments. It is therefore reckless for the government to push through these amendments, which knowingly expose Hong Kong to unnecessary risks, including a collapse in business confidence, investment and asset prices, especially in the midst of heightened external volatility and internal imbalances.

Last but not least, the passage of the bill will likely mark the end of "one country, two systems", which China has promised to maintain until at least 2047. The city will be more susceptible to China's political coercion and further erode Hong Kong’s autonomy. As Peking intensifies its encroachment on our autonomy and freedoms, the proposed changes could provide the regime with a powerful tool to further interfere Hong Kong's internal affairs.

What we are witnessing here in Hong Kong now is an ideological struggle; an open society in which the rule of law prevails versus a state ruled by an individual. We strongly urge the administration of Carrie Lam to retract the proposed amendment bill to avoid irrevocable damage to our city.


Petition Organisers/ 發起人:

Kelvin Lam MSc Management (2003)
Chris Ng LLM (2013)
Wilson Leung BSc Philosophy (2004)
Senia Ng LLM (2013)
Isabella Chan MSc Crime, Deviance and Control (2002)
Elson Tong BSc International Relations (2013)
Jason Law LLM (2015)
Carol Luk MSc Urbanisation and Development (2012)
Au Fei MSc in Public Governance and Management (2014)
Esmond Wong LLM (2018)
Eric Lam MSc Comparative Politics (2017)
David Li MSc Economics (2014)
梁繼昌 BSc Economics (1987), LLM (1992)
周永康 MSc City Design and Social Science (2018)
劉慧卿 MSc International Relations (1982)
黎恩灝 MSc Political Sociology (2013)
周保松 PhD Political Philosophy (2006)
陳景生 LLM (1973)

Co-signatories/ 聯署人:

余若薇 LLM (1976), Honorary Fellowship of LSE (2011)
陳文敏 LLM (1983)
盧子健 PhD (1987)
Ringo Hui MSc Management (2003)
Tina Ting MSc Human Resources Management (2016)
麥元豐 MSc Political Sociology (2013)
陳啟睿 MSc Political Theory (2017)
Keith Lin MSc Political Sociology (2009)
Thebes Law BSc History and International Relations (2014)
Agnes Ng BSc Business Mathematics and Economics (1999)
Ken Chau MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy) (2018)
Gwen Chan BSc Sociology (2018)
Doriane Lau MSc Human Rights (2015)
Maggie Wong BSc Management (2018)
Man-kong Li MSc Political Theory (2011)
Candace Lo BSc Economic History (2018)
Pik Shan Pang MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy (2018)
Karen Wong MSc Political Sociology (2018)
Brian Stone BSc International Relations (2010)
Sze Hei Wong LLM (2019)
Griffith Cheng LLM (2018)
Nicholas Chan BSc Management Sciences (1991)
Ricky Leung LLM (2018)
Eloise Ho MSc Human Resources and Organisations (2017)
Chan Ho Man Rosa BSc Economics (1991)
Jason Chan BSc Economics (2002)
Anthony Li BSc Accounting and Finance (2001)
Denis Leung BSc Accounting and Finance (2002)
Hugo Chow MSc Human Rights (2015)
葉靄瑤 MSc City Design and Social Science (2019)
Wong Ming Lok MSc Comparative Politics (2006)
Colette Wong LLB (2020)
Natalie Wong MSc Comparative Politics (2018)
賴志文 BSc Economics (1995)
Chiu Cheuk Hin LLM (2019)
Anna Iarotska MSc Development Management (2012)
Henry Chan BSc Economics (1992)
Nino Lin MSc Comparative Politics (2017)
Cheung Yuk Tong LLM (1982)
Peter Law LLM (2010)
Jasmine Chan MSc Media and Communications (2010)
Kaleem Khan BSc Management Science (2002)
Lap San Choi MSc Culture and Society (2010)
Billy Tang MSc Comparative Politics (2019)
Flora Hung MPA Economics and Public Policy (2011)
Simon Cheung MSc Operational Research 2006
Kate Choi MSc Human Resources and Organizations 2017
Vanessa Woo BSc International Relations 2013
Katie Lau BSc Banking & Finance 2010
Shae Wan Chaw BSc Soc Sci & Admin 1982
Daniel Wong Yat S MSc Global Politics 2017
Sisi Liu MSC Gender Studies 1999
Candy Chan MSc Urbanisation and Development 2011
Hosea Ho MSc EU Politics 2018
Lee Tsz K Matthew Bsc Management 2020
Candice Lam MSc in social policy and administration 1986
Gary Mak MSc Development Studies 2018
Gray Sergeant BSc International Relations and History 2014
Joanie B Lam BSc International Relations and History 2012
Wendy Woodhead BSc Social Science & Administration 1982
Jerry Zhang MSc China in Comparative Perspective 2018
But Ho Ming MSc (1980)
Doug LI Ming EMSc in International Strategy and Diplomacy 2019
Jonathan Law LLB 2021
Wang Leung Ting PhD Government 2016
Joseph Chan MSc Political Philosophy 1984
Janice Tsoi BSc Management 2021
Candice Chau MSc International Political Economy 2019
Stanley Wong BSc Accounting and Finance 2001
Gigi BSc Management Sciences 2002
Kenny James MSc Criminal Justice Policy 2010
Marjorie Wong LLM 2002
Angel Ko BSc Human Resources Management 2006
Karina Lai BSc Philosophy and Economics 2020
Naomi Chan LLB 2017
Melody yiu EMSc Cities 2017
Lau Kin T Donald BSc Economics 2017
Grace Wong MSc Gender Media and Culture 2010
Wendy Tsang MSc Gender, Media and Culture 2010
Yan Miu Chung MSC social policy and planning 1990
Josephine Chuk LLM 2011
George Chu MSc International Relations 1983
Lam Tin Kwan BSc Accounting and Finance 2009
Michelle Miu LLB 2016
Nick Ng BSc Economics 2018
Jaime Sim LLB 2016
Wince Wong MSc Social Policy 2017
Elton Chan MSc City Design and Social Science 2016
Simon Cheung MSc Operational Research 2006
Albert Ng BSc Economics 1989
Emily Tse MSc International Social and Public Policy 2019
Freeman Huen MSc Philosophy of Social Sciences 1994
Wai Kau Chau BSc Economics 1981
Chin Hei Wong MSc Operational Research 2008
Stephen Ho BSc Economics 1989
Claire Chan BSc Economics 2001
Michael Yim BSc Economics 2016
Alice Yang BSc Economics and Managemen 1996
David Chan MSc Philosophy and Public Policy 2019
Tsang Chi Yeung MPhil Environmental Economics 2011
Ariel Leung LLB 2019
Kwok Leung Wun BSc Economics (1987)
Natalie Wai BSc International Relations 2015
Wai Cheung Leung MSc Accounting & Finance 2019
Sashwin Pillai EMC - MSc in Cities 2018
Regina Lai BSc Philosophy 2020
Lorraine Tang BSc Government and Economics 2020
Grace Chik MSc NGO Management 1996
Hillary Cheung Bsc Economics 2021
Jeannie Lo BSc Management 2019
Keith Leung MSc Political Science and Political Economy 2015
Benedict Lee BSc Population Studies 2002
Katrina Po Yin Choy BSc Government and Economics 2008
Alvin Hung LLM 2015
Lam Ka Lee BSc Business 2011
Poon Tik Ho Bsc Business 2011
Edmund Cheng PhD in Government 2015
Princess Falls Global Media and Communications, History of International Relations 2008, 2010
Renee Too BSc Sociology 2015
CHIA-CHI CHIN EMSc International Strategy and Diplomacy 2019
Sharice Choi MSc International Migration and Public Policy 2019
Wong KN Andy MSc Comparative Politics 2012
Zandra Mok BSc Economics (1995)
Yaki Wo MSc Environment and Development 2010
Joyce Yim BSc Government 2015
Susanna Lam BSc Business Management 2001
Elsie Mee Chiu BSc Economics and Management 2003
Virginia Lo MSc Comparative Politics 2019
Christine Shih Diploma in Economics 1992
Christy Siu BSc Environmental Policy with Economics 2020
Stephenie Ho MSc Management 2018
Rebecca Zhang MSc Global Media and Communication 2019
Ivan Lee LLB 2016
Thomas Yeon LLM (Human Rights Law) 2019
Christy Un BSc Politics and International Relations 2019
Joanne Tsang BSc Economics 2019
Yohei Tse BSc International Relations 2013
Chak Wa Hui BSc Economics 2021
Clara Fok MSc Human Rights 2016

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