NM CCW Readiness Assessment

The New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry class (also known as the New Mexico CCW class) is designed for those who are, at a minimum, "moderately" experienced shooters; it is not a "learn to shoot" class, nor does it expose a student to a variety of handguns in an effort to decide which one might be appropriate for concealed carry.

To that end, I use this form to help determine if an applicant to take the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry class is ready to do so in the areas of skill and equipment.

If it turns out that you are not of a skill level needed to take on the rigor of a concealed carry class, or you do not have the proper equipment, it might serve you better to take the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting class first, purchase a firearm, attain a "moderate" skill level with it, and then consider an NM CCW class.

Please send me an email at mrg@wyor.com if you have any specific questions.

Thank you!
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Under normal traffic conditions, how long does it (or, will it) take you to arrive at the Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club from your residence? *
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Have you taken any formal handgun training, such as the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting class?
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Do you have or own or have access to a handgun you would take the class with?
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