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Thanks you for taking the time to try out the very first version of Discuss, a tool created by four UNC Chapel Hill students with the goal of helping busy individuals get involved with the important groups around them. This survey will ask some simple questions about who you are so that we can get a sense of who is using our product, and then a few questions about your experience.

We appreciate any feedback that you can provide on your experience as we are constantly trying to make Discuss even better. Thank you for your participation!

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Are there other kinds of meetings that this type of site could be useful for? If so, please explain.
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Do you have any other recommendations for features to add to this site? If so, please list them below?
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If you are interested in staying updated on the progress of Discuss or are willing to provide more feedback, please provide your email so that we may contact you in the future (this information will not be shared with anyone).
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