We Pledge to Never Participate to the Design of Spaces of Detention.
We acknowledge that any form of detention constitutes a violence inflicted by architecture and, as such, architects should be hold accountable to the same degree as the political actors that perpetuate these structures of exclusion, punishment, and containment.

We acknowledge that the argument regarding the well-being of the people detained, and the architect's agency of designing a "better" environment for them is a fallacy. There is no better prison, no better camp, no better cell.

In signing this text, we pledge to never contribute to any design that aims at detaining one or several persons for however long. This includes prisons, detention centers, jails, camps, temporary cells (like those in a court room for instance), but also any architecture that is meant to host a program promoting and/or capitalizing on the incarceration of people.

- As office partners, we will refuse the architecture/design commission.
- As associates in an architecture/design office, we will refuse to lead this project in my firm.
- As employees in an architecture/design office, we will ask without waiting to be moved to another team.
- As architecture/design students, we will ask to be moved to another design studio.
- As architecture/design practitioners who took part in this type of violent design in the past, we will dedicate a significant of time and energy in informing ourselves and reflecting on how to make ourselves useful towards an abolitionist future.

This pledge will bind us in front of our political community.
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