Service Satisfaction Survey; Ohys-Fanmade
Thank you for looking this survey up!
I am pretty pleased to hear your personal opinion about my fan-made site.

All information collected will saved into document, but won't shown to public. Document will erased after deprecation of service.

To protect your survey data, this survey document on Google will deleted after done of survey, saved encrypted.

How long did it take you to connect to the website?
Which device do you used to connect website?
Did you satisfied about website functions and components?
No, needs lots of improvements
Yes, I satisfied
If you have any feedback to site, please write down.
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If you want to receive reply of above question, please let me contact you. (Discord tags and emails... all acceptable)
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Thank you for paying me a minute!
Your survey will used to make improvements effectively, thank you again.

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+ You can contact me via
- Discord Seia#8114
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