Glendale Green Summer 2020
With FREE Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, Soil Amendments and Stormwater Trees

MMSD’s Fresh Coast Team is working with Bay Ridge Consulting and AECOM to help you become part of the stormwater solution in Glendale. We’re going to install rain barrels, rain gardens, stormwater trees, and compost soil amendments for Glendale residents for FREE all summer long. Supplies are limited; please click NEXT on the bottom of this page and provide your contact information to reserve your spot on our Green Summer list!
FREE WATER by the Barrel
Using a rain barrel is a great way to help manage water where it falls. Rain barrels provide FREE water for your gardens and plants love natural rainwater. Our rain barrels can capture 50 gallons of rainwater each time it rains. They are easy to install and maintain.
Rain gardens help reduce water pollution by collecting rain mainly from roofs, driveways, or other hard surfaces, and absorbing the water into the ground naturally. They are typically planted with wildflowers or native plants that have deep roots, which help to soak up more water. They can be placed near downspouts on homes (although away from building foundations and sewer laterals), and offer many benefits.

Stormwater trees help soak rainwater into the ground or hold it on their leaves and branches until it evaporates. They can be used in conjunction with engineered soils and other types of green infrastructure and work best when they’re mature (and so are not a quick fix to storm water issues).

We love our lawns, but most of them aren’t great at absorbing rainwater. By spreading a thin layer of organic compost on your grass, it can absorb more rainwater, and it will fertilize your lawn while making the soil healthier. There’s no smell and you can’t even see it after er a few days. Let us help you make your yard a rainwater sponge!

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