The HealthCraft Questionnaire
The following questionnaire is created to find the best licensed specialist for you, based on your needs, requests and expectations. Curtesy to your willingness to share information, we won't make all fields as required. You can always choose what you want and don't want to share. However, the more we know you the better we can find a perfect match to support getting the best outcomes for all your efforts.
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What do you worry, anxious or frustrated about in your life at the moment?
How would you describe one main thing that you would like to work on?
Related to your request, can you remember a specific situation that bothered you and how did you react to it and how did you feel back then?
When did it happen for the first time and do you know what has triggered it?
What actions have you taken to resolve the situation?
Have you every reached out to any specialists to help you resolve this situation? If yes, can you describe your experience and what has happened?
Do you suffer from any diseases at the moment and are you going through any treatments?
Is there anything else you would like us to consider in finding the best specialist for you? (If you want a specialist to practice a certain modality or know particular techniques that worked for you in the past or you want to try, let us know as well).
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