Westridge Wolf Willow Playschool Registration Form
As we are opening up an afternoon class, our registration has opened back up.


Waitlist only for both AM classes.

SEND in your registration fee of $75 to westridgeplayschool@gmail.com. A confirmation email will be sent shortly after to secure your spot.
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Emergency Contact Name *
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Family Physician Name, Phone Number and Address *
Does your child have any medical conditions, special needs, developmental or speech delays? *
If Yes to the above question please describe
Is English a second language for your child? *
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If yes, please state what the medication is and why it is given:
Does your child have all their immunizations up to date? *
Any Allergies? If yes, please complete the asthma alert & allergy alert form prior to start *
I hereby grant permission to Westridge Wolf Willow Playschool to seek emergency medical care for my child if deemed necessary by the playschool teachers. I understand that may child may be transported to a medical facility where treatment may be given. I understand that the playschool will attempt to notify me but I recognize the playschool is not legally responsible for any such medical aid administered to my child or possibly ambulance costs. *
I give permission for my child to leave the premises for walks, visit the playground etc. *
I authorize the distribution of my child's name, my name, email, and phone number for a class directory. *
I give permission for pictures to be taken of my child and shared with other registered families in my child's class. *
I understand my child must be toilet trained by the first day of school (no pull ups). *
I understand the playschool relies on funds generated at a volunteer run casino event, once every two years. I will be asked to provide one person to represent our family at this fundraising event. *
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