Cycle Show Instructor Training Program Application
The Cycle Show Instructor Training Program will be a training for women interested in training to present the Cycle Show in the State of Iowa.

Training Dates - Must Attend
July 18-20, 2019
University of St. Thomas - St. Paul, MN

Applications and all attached documents are due with $25 Application Fee by June 1st.
(Upon acceptance application Fee will be added towards training costs.)

Application requirements
1.) Attend at least one official Cycle Show workshop or 1 day Presentation presented by an Authorized Instructor
2.) Application Form
3.) $25 Application Fee
4.) Guiding Star Project Philosophy Statement
5.) Signed Guidelines for Cycle Show Instructor Training
6.) Show 3 cycles of personal Fertility Awareness Charting

Full Name *
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Date of Birth *
Address (Class 2 is only open to IA, MN, FL, TX, MO and OH residents) *
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HIghest level of Education completed *
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Current Employment *
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It is a requirement that 3 months or more of charting with a Modern Method of Fertility Awareness be shown prior to acceptance to the Instructor Program. *
If answer above was not "Yes". Please explain.
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Please describe your motivation and reason for wanting to become a Cycle Show Instructor. *
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What is your personal view of the natural female abilities of fertility, childbirth and breastfeeding? *
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I am able to attend the required 2 day training July 19-20, 2019 *
I have attended a full Cycle Show presentation. (If no; arrangements to attend a workshop before the 2 day training will need to be made or the July 18 one day presentation will fulfill this requirement.) *
Training Cost - I understand that I'm personally responsible for my individual Cycle Show Texts, Cycle Show training costs and Workshop Props. $250 for Texts $500 For Program Tuition. Instructors are also responsible for building their personal Cycle Show props after training (appx. $350) *
I have read and signed The Guiding Star Project Philosophy Statement *
I have read and signed the Cycle Show Instructor's Guidlines *
I understand that my application is not complete until I submit the Following: (Please check Yes, No or other) *
Thank you for completing the initial Cycle Show Instructor application!
You will recieve a confirmation shortly with the remaining Applicaiton documents
Please submit completed additional documents
by email to
or mail Guiding Star Orange City
Att. Cycle Show
127 Albany Ave SE
Orange City, IA 51041
You will receive a confirmation email and a short phone interview will be conducted with the US MFM Cycle Show Coordinator
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