Platform Convention County Delegate Registration
If you are a Democratic County Committee Chair, please use this form to indicate the names and contact information of the four at-large delegates who will be attending the Vermont Democratic Party's Platform Convention on Sunday, August 26th, 2018, at the Old Labor Hall in Barre from your county.

PLEASE NOTE: You must fill out this form for each at-large delegate (no more than four!) who has been elected by your County Committee!

Per VDP Bylaws:

1. On or before the fourth Tuesday in September in even-numbered years, upon the call of the Chair, a Platform Convention shall be held to make and adopt the Platform of the Party. In years when a Presidential election occurs, the Platform Convention shall be included as part of the Presidential elector selection process.

2. The members of the Platform Convention shall be the following individuals, who have full speaking and voting rights:

Members of the appointed State Committee Platform Subcommittee
The County Chair and State Committee Members and Alternates of each County
Town Committee Chairs, or their designees
Four elected representatives from each County Committee who need not be members of the County Committee
The Vermont Democratic Party Executive Committee

3. Thirty days prior to the State Platform Convention date set by the Chair, the State Committee Platform Subcommittee shall submit to the Chair and each elected County Chair a copy of their draft Platform.

4. Thirty days prior to the State Platform Convention, each County Committee shall submit the names of their delegates to the State Platform Convention to the Chair.

5. Thirty days prior to the State Platform Convention, each Town Committee Chair shall submit the name of their designee to the State Platform Convention to the Chair.

6. The Chair must set the date for the State Platform Convention at least 60 days before the Convention is to take place.

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