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There are two tiers of creators. Verified Creators and Regular Creators. The main difference is reach and impact for the ability to offer services. After all, CENI is built for creators and fans of the creators. The entire point is putting power in the hands of creators to bypass ridiculous fees for their various platforms. Verified creators receive benefits such as a more in-depth biography, social media promotion for their content, a direct line of communication, CENI bonuses, and an tailored plan of action. See our website for more details.

To be listed as a creator, or partner with us, you must meet the following criteria:

Verified Creators:
- Unique niche of services
- Offer novel content that can be converted to a service (i.e. a user can pay in CENI to be gifted a Twitch subscription, or pay for your newsletter in exchange for CENI, donate with CENI, etc)
- Willingness to have meetings if needed to discuss your services or brand
- Advertises $CENI in a reasonable location and guides users to utilizing swap services such as Roll Exchange & Uniswap

Regular Creators:
- Offer novel content in exchange for CENI [requirement is for relevant listing]

You do NOT need to apply to become a Regular Creator. To adopt $CENI as a payment method as a regular creator, follow the instructions here.
What is your name or alias? *
What is your primary niche? [i.e. Twitch streamer, YouTuber, TikTok creator, Adult entertainment, Artist, Contempary Dancer, etc...] *
If accepted, what type of services will you offer in exchange for CENI? It's okay if you're unsure, we can discuss. *
What Social Media Platforms do you have the biggest reach on? *
Where would you us to contact you if accepted? List an email address or social media handle. [Please don't put your cell phone number here] *
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