Liberty Theater Programming Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather information from community members. We want to hear your input. What would YOU like to see happen at the Liberty theater?
Your answers will guide the Liberty Theater restoration board's decisions about programming and architectural design. Thank you for your time and attention and please forward this survey to any friends and family that would be interested.
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1. Are you aware of the plans to renovate and reopen the historic Liberty Theater in downtown Lewiston?
2. If you don't mind us asking, what is your age?
3. How far away from the theater do you live?
4. Please rank what kind of programming you'd likely attend at the Liberty. Please check a box for each row. (1 = least interested, 5 = most interested) *
1: Not interested
2: A little bit interested
3: Interested
4: Very interested
5: Most interested
Films or Movies
Musical Performances
Live Theater
Weddings/Private Events
Fundraisers or Community Events
Lectures, Speaker Series, Educational Events
Corporate Education, Retreats & Events
Dance Performances
Streaming Events (ex. Nascar, Oscars, Opera)
Art showings
E-sports or Gaming Events
5. How much money would you be willing to pay to see a FILM or live STREAMING event at the theater? Click all boxes that apply.
6. What would you be willing to pay to see a MUSICAL performance? Click all boxes that apply.
7. What do you consider a reasonable fee for a LIVE THEATRICAL event? Check as many boxes that apply. *
8. What kinds of food and beverage would you likely purchase at the theater? Click as many boxes that apply. *
9. If the programming suited your interests, how often will you likely attend an event here? *
10. If needed, would you consider renting the theater for an event? *
11. What criteria are important when choosing a venue to rent? Click all boxes that may apply.
12. If you have rented venues in the past, what do you typically pay for a venue? Click all boxes that are applicable.
13. If you anticipate renting the theater would you be willing to write a letter to the Liberty board demonstrating this interest? *
14. Are there any other items that you would like the theater board to consider?
Your answer
15. Are you willing to be a member or friend to the theater and financially support this awesome project?
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