EE515/IS523 Paper Presentation/News Posting Survey
This survey is needed to assign paper presenters in each class.
Please select at least three candidate papers which you want to present in the class and mark them 'Yes'.
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(9/14) "Why Johnny can't encrypt: a usability evaluation of PGP 5.0"
(9/14) "TapLogger: Inferring User Inputs On Smartphone Touchscreens Using On-board Motion Sensors"
(9/16) "Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine"
(9/21) "Security Analysis of a Full-Body Scanner"
(9/21) "When Firmware Modifications Attack: A Case Study of Embedded Exploitation"
(9/23) "Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces"
(9/23) "Security and privacy vulnerabilities of in-car wireless networks: A tire pressure monitoring system case study"
(9/30) "Attacking the Kad Network - Real World Evaluation and High Fidelity Simulation using DVN"
(9/30) "Eclipse Attacks on Bitcoin's Peer-to-Peer Network"
(10/5) "Losing control of the Internet: Using the data plane to attack the control plane"
(10/5) "Taking Routers Off Their Meds: Unstable Routers and the Buggy BGP Implementations That Cause Them"
(10/7) "Uncovering Social Network Sybils in the Wild"
(10/7) "Serf and Turf: Crowdturfing for Fun and Profit"
(10/12) "Hey, you, get off of my cloud: exploring information leakage in third-party compute clouds"
(10/12) "A Placement Vulnerability Study in Multi-Tenant Public Clouds"
(10/14) "Location leaks on the GSM air interface"
(10/14) "Let Me Answer That For You: Exploiting Broadcast Information in Cellular Networks"
(10/26) "Baseband Attacks: Remote Exploitation of Memory Corruptions in Cellular Protocol Stacks"
(10/26) "SMS of Death: From Analyzing to Attacking Mobile Phones on a Large Scale"
(10/28) "Gaining Control of Cellular Traffic Accounting by Spurious TCP Retransmission"
(10/28) "Breaking and Fixing VoLTE: Exploiting Hidden Data Channels and Mis-implementations"
(11/2) "Off-Path TCP Sequence Number Inference Attack How Firewall Middleboxes Reduce Security"
(11/2) "Weaponizing Femtocells: The Effect of Rogue Devices on Mobile Telecommunications"
(11/4) "Exploiting Open Functionality in SMS-Capable Cellular Networks"
(11/4) "Mobile Security Catching Up? Revealing the Nuts and Bolts of the Security of Mobile Devices"
(11/9) "Mining Your Ps and Qs: Detection of Widespread Weak Keys in Network Devices"
(11/9) "Using Frankencerts for Automated Adversarial Testing of Certificate Validation in SSL/TLS Implementations" *
(11/11) "Ghost Talk: Mitigating EMI Signal Injection Attacks against Analog Sensors"
(11/11) "On the Feasibility of Side-Channel Attacks with Brain-Computer Interfaces"
(11/16) "Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses"
(11/16) "On Limitations of Friendly Jamming for Confidentiality"
(11/18) "GPS Software Attacks"
(11/18) "On the Requirements for Successful GPS Spoofing Attacks"
(11/23) "Rocking Drones with Intentional Sound Noise on Gyroscopic Sensors"
(11/23) "Non-invasive Spoofing Attacks for Anti-lock Braking Systems"
(11/25) "Robust De-anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets"
(11/25) "De-anonymizing Programmers via Code Stylometry"
(11/30) "Defeating UCI: Building Stealthy and Malicious Hardware"
(11/30) "Breaking and Entering through the Silicon"
(12/2) "Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations of Wired and Wireless Keyboards"
(12/2) "Televisions, video privacy, and powerline electromagnetic interference"
(12/7) "Stealing webpages rendered on your browser by exploiting GPU vulnerabilities"
(12/7) "GSMem: Data Exfiltration from Air-Gapped Computers over GSM Frequencies"
(12/9) "MACTANS: Injecting Malware into iOS Devices via Malicious Chargers"
(12/9) "Your Online Interests? Pwned! A Pollution Attack Against Targeted Advertising"
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