The /r/PlayRust Census!
An opportunity to really hear from the Rust community about how they interact with the game!

This is something the Rust subreddit mods are doing of their own volition as a fun exercise - it is not being supported or administered by Facepunch staff at all. Although the results will be made public, so obviously Papa Helk will see them.

Let's Begin!
Please answer each question as honestly and accurately as you can.
When you play Rust, how many people do you typically group with? *
When you started playing Rust, what 'system' was it currently? *
What wipe cycle length do you prefer? *
Vanilla or Modded? *
How often do you play Rust? *
Let's talk Monuments - what's your favourite monument that you like to build near or frequent the most? (Pick only one) *
What's your LEAST favourite monument that you like to avoid or never go to? (Pick only one) *
Guns! What guns do you enjoy using the most? (Pick up to three options) *
What guns do you not bother with? (Pick up to three options) *
Do you actively contest airdrops, Chinook crates, and Attack Helicopter events? *
Pick the base description below that closest describes your typical build style/strategy *
When raiding, what's your most-used strategy and method? *
What's your typical strategy for getting Scrap? *
In your opinion, what is the most over-powered item or concept in-game? *
In your opinion, what is the item or concept in-game that needs to be re-worked to become relevant? (e.g planter boxes, Thompson gun, the hunger/thirst system, etc) *
How long do you think you'll still be playing Rust for? *
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