Agribusiness Labor Needs Survey
These questions will be analyzed, and the data collected will be used to help the design of the FAB Graduate Program at SUNY Morrisville (Food and Agricultural Business) and other graduate programs with a focus on the food system. Your participation in our survey is greatly appreciated.
Consent Form
Dear Participant,
You are being asked to voluntarily participate in a research study that is being done by SUNY Morrisville students and faculty. We are in the Agricultural Business Development program. Please take the time to read through the information carefully; if there are any questions feel free to ask the researcher to clarify. You have the right at anytime to withdraw from this survey.
This study may not have a direct benefit to those who choose to participate. We are doing this survey to learn more about the skills that industry professionals believe to be the most important and useful. This information may be used to help develop the Food and Agribusiness master’s program at SUNY Morrisville.
There are no real risks foreseen in this study.
All responses to this survey are anonymous. Please do not include your name, address, or any other personal information that can correlate the survey to any individuals.
Contact Dr. Scott Colby at (509) 710-5933 if there are any questions.
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