Auditorium Request Form
Any use of the Auditorium requires the completion of this form.

All requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the date being requested.

Unless you receive a confirmation after your submission of this form your date and time are not secured.

Please check Auditorium availability before placing a request -

Children Should Remain Seated and Kept Under Adult Supervision At All Times !!!

Reminder that there is no food or beverages allowed in the Auditorium
Extra cleaning fees will be assessed to your group or club if this is found to be an issue.

Please contact the Auditorium Director with any concerns or questions or call ext. x2288
#1 Requested By: *
Please include your name or the contact person for follow-up information.
#2 Email and Phone # *
Please list contact info for person above:
#3 What day do you need the Auditorium *
if consecutive days are needed please state this in the description field below and request the day of the event in this field..
#4 What Time Do You Need To Set Up *
This is the time you will be there to set up, no other guests in aud, Decorations, set out papers, mic checks etc.
#5 Event Starts *
Time the Auditorium will open for guests to be seated
#6 Event Ends *
Time the event will end
#7 Doors Lock *
The time you will be cleaned up, all guests and speakers gone, the auditorium doors are locked.
#8 Tech Required *
Please select the tech you need provided to you
#9 What space is to be used *
Please list any additional space you may require for your event. Please be aware that approval from the Bus Garage is needed for spaces other than the auditorium.
#10 Event Description *
Explain your event fully, include quantities and specify other tech, explain the use of additional locations, etc
#11 Furniture
Please choose any additional furniture you will need
Please submit a work ticket to maintenance for your furniture choices above with quantities and locations
Maintenance handles tables, chairs, risers, and basically anything other than the electronics
#12 Did you read the lines above in regards to furniture set up? *
Please include any Special notes that did not fit under one of the above options.
Please be aware that an answer of "No" to question #12 will result in no furniture being set up.
Thank you for your request, A conformation e-mail should follow in 24-48 hours. If your date and time are not Confirmed within 48 hours please send a follow up e-mail to
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