Metasploit Documentation Survey
We at looking at improving and adding to the Metasploit documentation. We would like to gather some information on documentation needs. Skip questions you don’t want to answer. Emails are not being recorded
Are you using the commercial or open source version of Metasploit?
How frequently do you use Metasploit?
How would you evaluate your skill level for Metasploit? 1 - 5 (1 means I am new to Metasploit, 5 being I have extensive experience with Metasploit. I am considered an expert)
No experience at all. I just started.
I am an expert. I use the framework regularly.
Are you a contributor to Metasploit Framework or other Metasploit open-sourced repos? Answering questions, opening PRs, participating in slack, raising issues and creating content around Metasploit all count as contributions.
What is your main programming language?
Your answer
Besides your main programming language, do you know any other programming languages?
Your answer
What was your goal when you first started with Metasploit? This can be something as small as I wanted to learn how to play Hack the Box or I needed it for my job.
Your answer
If you are a long time user, what keeps you coming back to Metasploit?
What do you wish the documentation explained better? For example, I really need more on payloads or we could better explain the architecture.
Your answer
When you first started using Metasploit what were some frustrations you experienced?
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I installed Metasploit with: (Check all that apply)
What ways are you using Metasploit? (Check all that apply)
Which modules or features do you use the most?
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After all of that 😀, there is space below for you to leave any thoughts you have about the current state of the Metasploit documentation.
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Would you like to be contacted about the survey? Please leave your email address or slack username.
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