Divest Claremont Colleges Petition
In the pursuit of solving our world’s growing climate crisis, the Divest Claremont Colleges student movement calls for the Board of Trustees of each of the Claremont Colleges to announce their intention to institutionally divest from all companies involved in the extraction of fossil fuels. Divesting from fossil fuels has been shown to be feasible, both socially and economically, through the divestment of over $11.5-trillion by more than 1100 institutions since 2011 (including 170 educational establishments). Fossil fuel investment is a growing liability. Remaining invested in fossil fuels threatens the colleges' assets with significant financial risk and the Board of Trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to act. Furthermore, it is hypocritical of the Claremont Colleges to claim deep institutional commitment to sustainability while being invested in fossil fuels.

Please sign this form if you agree that the Claremont Colleges should divest their endowments from fossil fuels.
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