Open letter to Brighton & Hove Buses
An open letter to Brighton & Hove Buses on behalf of the students at Sussex,

On the 16th of January we saw yet another price increase for tickets for using your services, both for students and permanent residents in Brighton. Over the past 5 years the ticket prices for Brighton & Hove Buses have increased again and again, adding to the already expensive cost of living in Brighton. On top of this, there are many issues with your services that seem to never be addressed, leaving us wondering - what is it we’re paying for?

Since September 2013 the price for bus tickets have markedly increased above inflation. In just five years the 7 day student saver has increased by 38%, from £10.50 to £14.50 for a network saver, and a 90 day student saver increased by 25.5%, from £110 to £138 for a network saver. By contrast, if the cost of tickets since 2013 had risen in line with inflation the 7 day saver would be £11.39, and the 90 day saver £119.29 in 2018.

We think this increase in price is unreasonable, especially as there continues to be a number of issues with your services;
- Bus services are unable to cope with rush time traffic. Students report waiting for 20-30 minutes to get a bus to campus in the mornings, with bus after bus driving past full up.
- The mobile app freezes constantly, making it impossible at times to access purchased mobile tickets.
- Your Student ID policy continues to be an issue with some drivers refusing travel if you’ve forgotten your ID, even if you get on the bus on campus. Others throw students off buses at night if they don’t have their ID with them, leaving them to walk home alone in the dark. Sorting out this issue would also help speed up service.
- International students report unacceptable bus driver behaviour, where students get shouted at if they do not immediately understand a rushed instruction.
- You’ve continued to cut or reduce night services for residents living beyond Lewes Road, for example for services going to Preston Park, Patcham, Hollingbury and Lewes.

We want Brighton & Hove Buses to cut the cost of their tickets, and reconsider their recent hike in bus prices. Beyond this, we want the future price of tickets to only rise in line with inflation. We also want to see improvements made to the services, that despite the unreasonable increase in price continues to falter.

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