Wheel of Mythicality Intro Video Submissions
Hello Mythical Beasts! Want a chance to be featured on an upcoming episode of Good Mythical Morning?

If so, please send us a Wheel of Mythicality intro video using the below form!

Steps to Submitting Your Mythical Best:
1. Speak loudly & clearly in your video.
2. Minimize background noise and music. (Concerts are fun but not the best place to shoot a Wheel Intro!)
3. Shoot your video horizontally (landscape mode).

All videos should be submitted as links to an unlisted YouTube or Vimeo videos -- please do not send links to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other file hosting platforms.

Only submit your video once! All submitted videos will be considered for use and submitting the same video multiple times will not increase your chances of being featured.

Thanks for being your mythical best!
Who is in the Video? *
First names only, please!
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Where Are You In the Video? *
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Link to Your Video *
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