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If you have multiple children serving, please fill out this form once for each child.
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Please check "Preferred" if you frequently attend a given Mass or "Available if needed" if you are able to attend others. If you are available for any Mass without preference, just check "Preferred" for all of them. As a rule, we will try not to schedule you for any Mass that is not on the preferred list. Please also check if you would like to be trained for and asked to help with funerals and weddings.
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Daily Masses (We will be in touch to discuss details if your child would like to serve daily Masses)
Special Needs
Saint Rose Altar Server Expectations
It is important to remember that serving at the altar of God is a great privilege, and must be approached with the seriousness such a task demands.

- Look neat, presentable, and wholesome when you serve.
- Wear appropriate clothing as set forth in the altar server manual
- Serve at every Mass for which you are scheduled or make arrangements to have someone cover the Mass. It is the server’s responsibility to find substitutes. Repeated absences from assigned Masses without arranging substitutes may result in the server being removed from regularly scheduled service.
- Arrive at least 20 minutes before the Mass begins.
- Perform the duties assigned during the Mass in the prescribed orderly manner.
- Maintain a prayerful demeanor during all times in the Sacristy and a prayerful posture during Mass. Remember you are in front of the congregation, and you can be distracting if you fidget.
- After the Mass, return to the Sanctuary, Sacristy, and preparation areas to make sure that everything is set up for the next Mass or cleaned up as appropriate.
- Be attentive and respond immediately when the priest asks for help. During Mass, pay attention to the clergy and lead altar server for cues and directions. If something comes up during Mass, you may find that you are tasked with helping to fix something that has gone wrong.
- Make sure that your cassock and surplice are returned the way you found them. If a cassock or surplice need mending or cleaning, please bring to the attention of the priest after Mass.
- Live the rest of your life in a way that will not scandalize other members of the parish when they see you serving at the altar.
Parent consent to altar server expectations *
Please acknowledge your agreement to the following by writing your name in the line below: I have read and understand what is expected of my child for this responsibility, and I am prepared to make sure my child arrives on time for each Mass to which he or she is assigned. I have discussed this responsibility with my child, and he or she is ready to undertake the ministry of serving at the altar.
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Server agreement to expectations *
I understand what is expected of an altar server at Saint Rose Church and School, and I am prepared to fulfill those expectations to the best of my ability.
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