Who Should Be On Sovereign's Front Cover?
Please help Sovereign Magazine by nominating an undergraduate student or applying to be on Sovereign's front cover! This person should have made an impact on the Penn State community, shown leadership, or have a story that they feel should be shared. Please be thorough and give detailed answers with examples.

While individual students are encouraged to apply/nominate, if a recognized student organization has gone above and beyond and is an exemplary student organization on the University Park campus - please apply/nominate.

Sovereign aims to uplift, empower, inform and entertain specifically the students of color on Penn State’s University Park Campus.

Sovereign's purpose is to create an artistic space, inclusive and cultural magazine outlet for people of color on Penn State’s University Park campus regarding topics such as social justice, academics, fashion/beauty, fitness, entertainment, sports, campus highlights and other topics members see fit.
DUE: SUNDAY February 02, 2020 AT 1 PM
No late submissions will be accepted.
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If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at SovereignMag@gmail.com
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