Out To Care Community Membership
Fill up this sign up sheet to denote your interest in joining Out To Care (OTC) as a member (non-exco) member. As a member, you will be added into our Telegram group and will be kept updated about OTC's activities through there as well.

These are our terms and conditions for joining the OTC chat group. Filling up this form will signal your acceptance.

1. Our biggest priority is to ensure the safety of our committee and create a welcoming and collaborative environment for all! In light of this, we would like to ask for your active cooperation to be respectful of one another. This includes respecting: Pronouns, Sexualities, Gender identities, Gender expressions, Race, Religion, Opinions, and personal experiences.

2. In line with creating a safe environment, we ask that if you are speaking about experiences that might be triggering, please censor certain words, such as slurs, or provide trigger warnings (e.g. TW: sexual assault/homophobia/etc.)

3. Consent is key; please be mindful not to expose anyone or release any information without their permission! This includes: Any screenshotting, forwarding or recording of the messages from this and other OTC-related group chats without prior expressed consent. Please do not out any of the members in the committee by sharing personal information such as their names, photographs, or course of study without prior expressed consent.

We ask for your understanding in our efforts to protect members of our committee. In the event that anyone goes against these rules, we will have to regrettably remove you from the committee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Samriddhi (@Samriddhi_Kushwaha, she/her)
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