Judicial Board Application
The UPUA Judicial Board

The University Park Undergraduate Association Judicial Board is composed of students who serve to distinguish when there are constitutional and internal issues on part of the UPUA and be the final decision making authority on those issues and elections disputes during the elections process. To be approved to sit on the Board of Arbitration, each individual must be interviewed by the Steering Committee then approved by vote of the general assembly.

Justice Expectations:
Participate in any possible hearing (adjudication, election code, UPUA constitution violation)
Take on a organization position (i.e. Marketing chair, Room Reservation chair, ect.)
During Election season assume assigned role provided by Election Commissioner (Chief Justice) and attend weekly meetings along with completing all tasks necessary for role

General Eligibility Criteria:
1) Minimum GPA of 2.50
2) Must be in good academic standing
3) Must be in good standing with the University
4) Must be a full-time undergraduate student at University Park

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Chief Justice, Reilly Ebbs (jboard@upua.org)

Email address *
Year (1=Freshman, 2=Sophomore etc)
PSU email address
Phone Number
9 digit ID number
List any student organizations you belong to and positions(s) you hold (if applicable)
Why are you interested in serving on the UPUA Judicial Board?
What experiences or skills do you possess that would make you a valuable representative to the UPUA Judicial Board?
What does the term ethics mean to you and its relevance to University conduct?
Please attach a copy of your resume and one reference.
Thank you for your responses. The Chief Justice of UPUA will notify you if you have been selected for an interview shortly.
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