2Strings High School Youth Ambassador Application
We are so excited you are applying to be a 2Strings Ambassador! Feel free to reach out to tgreen@ma.org if you have any questions.
As a ballpark, each short answer response can be 100 - 200 words.

2Strings Youth Ambassadors are high schoolers who are creative and passionate leaders who are enthusiastic about working with young kids! 2Strings Youth Ambassadors Teams are the primary facilitators of 2Strings programming. They develop content, communicate with classrooms, organize partnerships, and facilitate all program activities.

If your school already has a 2Strings group, you can apply to join as a youth ambassador. If your school does not yet have a 2Strings group, we can help you start one!

The 2Strings Team is also looking for zealous leaders and strong communicators to join a dedicated leadership group focused to running, developing and expanding 2Strings. This includes our Social Media Department, Financial Department, Publicity Department, Digital Media/Communications Department and Program Development Department.
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If your school does not have a 2Strings Youth Ambassador club, explain why you'd like to bring 2Strings to your high school. (Skip if your school already has a 2Strings group!)
Grade *
What qualities do you think are your strengths as a leader? *
What is something you wished you had learned in elementary school? *
Can be educational but also think out of the box - what is an important lesson or useful skill that might just get glossed over?
If you could tell every single elementary school student in the world one thing, what would it be? *
What ideas do you have for 2Strings (virtual or in person)? *
What would be your goal if you became a 2Strings Youth Ambassador? *
What about 2Strings excites you? *
Are you interesting in being a 2Strings Youth Ambassador, Joining the 2 Strings Leadership Team, or both? Please refer to the descriptions at the top of this form for information about these two groups. *
If you selected the 2Strings Leadership Team above, please indicate which Department and why. We want you to be creative, what makes you a fit for your chosen area! If you are interested in being a Youth Ambassador please indicate if there is already a Youth Ambassador's Club at your school or if you are interested in starting one. *
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