MiLibraryQuest sign-up - committees, full group meetings, and notification for library sign up
We are ready to kick off Winter Quest (mystery-themed) in January and are in the planning phase for Summer Quest 2021 (choose your own adventure-themed).

We'll meet as a whole group monthly, increasing to bimonthly as we get closer to the start of each new Quest. These meetings are currently on Wednesday afternoons.

Committees will meet separately.

Please sign up here to attend whole group meetings, work on a committee, or just be notified when we're ready for libraries to sign up to participate in the next Quest.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the questions section on this form or email us at
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If you're already on our email list, you'll get emails about meetings, including when it's time to sign up to participate in the next Quest. If you no longer want to receive those, please email us and we'll take you off. For anyone NEW, we'll only send what you request here.
Committee interests: please check those committees you are interested in working on. These groups will meet separately from the full group meetings. The Winter and Summer groups will likely have subdivisions for various aspects (story creation, artwork, etc.) For now, each group can start together and then choose specific aspects to work on.
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