Armor Down Cushions For Veterans Program
At Armor Down we understand how military training teaches us how to Armor Up. You know...put the mission first, no pain, no gain, cocked, locked and ready to rock! We get it, we love it, and we want to help you balance it.

The other side of this mindset is called the relaxation response, or the parasympathetic side of your nervous system. One of the best ways to engage the parasympathetic, or to armor down, is with the practice of mindfulness meditation. We know this mindfulness stuff is still pretty new, which is why we created this tactical cushion to be more than just a meditation seat. It's as tough as you are and can be used a thousand different ways.

So apply for a cushion. It's free for Veterans.

You Armored Up to protect the nation, this cushion can help you Armor Down, and we think that's a pretty square deal.

As a bonus, each cushion comes equipped with a QR code that grants access to exclusive content, mindfulness training videos, and the Armor Down community.

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