Carnival 2018: Volunteer Sign-up!
The Carnival de Resistance is a traveling arts carnival, an eco-village demonstration project, and community engagement initiative. This year, our 7th annual residency will be held at Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, and we expect this to be the most vibrant expression of the Carnival yet! For more detailed information about this residency, please visit our website at

We are so grateful for your willingness to dive into this wild project with us. We hope that your partnership in this topsy turvy world will inspire, refresh, and energize you.

Volunteers should be enthusiastic, dependable, and willing to engage with visitors of all backgrounds. The full realization of this project, as well as the safety of our visitors, depends on a solid crew of volunteers who are willing to take on specific roles and follow through with shift assignments. We literally could not do this without you!

Please feel free to sign up for multiple roles and shifts, according to your capacity and interest.

COMPOSTER: Deconstruct & Recycle the Carnival World!
As a Composter, you will help us deconstruct the Carnival structures, sift through materials, recycle, repurpose, and reduce our waste.
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Sunday, August 5th: 2pm - 6pm
Monday, August 6th: 10am - 2pm
Monday, August 6th: 2pm - 6pm
PEACEKEEPER: Hospitality & Community Building!
Peacekeepers will act as event caretakers, resource people for special needs that arise, and agents who can be called upon to offer trauma-informed responses to conflict.

No prior experience with trauma-informed care is required.

A mandatory orientation for all peacekeepers will be offered on Friday, July 27th, and again on Friday, August 3rd, at 4:00pm. If you sign up for any peacekeeping shifts, you will be required to attend one of these sessions.

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Friday, July 27th: 4pm - 8pm
Friday, July 27th: 8pm - 11pm
Saturday, July 28th: 4pm - 8pm
Saturday, July 28th: 8pm - 11pm
Friday, August 3rd: 4pm - 8pm
Friday, August 3rd: 8pm - 11pm
Saturday, August 4th: 4pm - 8pm
Saturday, August 4th: 8pm - 11pm
SUPPORTER: Grease the wheels of the Carnival World!
Supporters ensure the smooth functioning of the Carnival World in myriad important ways: by assisting with space set-up or clean-up, helping to coordinate volunteers for our pedal-powered sound system, gathering donations, and plugging in wherever need may arise.
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Friday, July 27th: 3pm - 7pm
Friday, July 27th: 7pm - 11pm
Saturday, July 28th: 3pm - 7pm
Saturday, July 28th: 7pm - 11pm
Friday, August 3rd: 3pm - 7pm
Friday, August 3rd: 7pm - 11pm
Saturday, August 4th: 3pm - 7pm
Saturday, August 4th: 7pm - 11pm
MARSHAL: Parade Support!
Offer support during the "Power Toward A Just Future" parade and rally! Marshals will be responsible for knowing all relevant parade information, guiding traffic and people, and supporting our giant puppets.

No prior experience required. Orientation for Marshalls will be held at 10 am.

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Thursday, August 2nd: 10am - 2pm
ANCHOR: Parade Support!
Our spiritual Anchors will serve as peacekeepers during the "Power Toward a Just Future" parade and rally. They will work as grounding and encouraging event caretakers, as resource people for vulnerable parade participants, and as agents of non-violent de-escalation in the event of conflict.

No prior experience required. Orientation for Anchors will be held at 10 am.

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Thursday, August 2nd: 10am - 2pm
COURIER: Driving & Transportation!
Couriers assist with various transportation needs. They may be asked to pick up Carnival Crew members at the Philadelphia airport, to transport crew members to training or debrief locations, or to pick up and ferry food donations to their appropriate destinations. Exact requests will be sent out in early July, and you can decline any requests that don't suit your schedule.

Couriers must have their own car or reliable access to a vehicle.

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Assorted possibilities in July/August
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