Four Winds Project
As part of the Four Winds Project, Lodge members will complete 4 hours of volunteerism. Lodge members are free to choose their own projects that fit within the following guidelines:

1. Lodge members must wear their Ondessonk shirt and sash while volunteering.

2. Any good deed can count other than normal, routine house jobs/responsibilities.

3. Time spent volunteering for another organization cannot be counted as time towards The Four Winds Project. Volunteering time must be Lodge specific; it cannot duplicate with any other service project. If time is completed for first organization, Lodge member can then change into their t-shirt and sash and count remaining time as The Four Winds Project time.

4. The honor system will be used for documenting volunteer time. Lodge members will be responsible for using this self-reporting form
First Name
Last Name
Total Hours Completed
Please share a brief description of the service(s) you completed to achieve the hours needed for the Four Winds Project
Was there any news coverage while you were volunteering?
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If yes, please share a link to where we can find the article.
Would you be willing to email photos you may have taken to be used by Camp Ondessonk for general marketing and potential spot lighting your work to the Lodge Email at
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