Class Registration--StageRight Spring 2020
Please register for classes using this form. You may use one form for multiple students, but please make it clear which student is signing up for which class as well as the number of classes being purchased. You will receive an email with the links to the classes you have registered for. Thank you!
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Please select how many classes you are currently planning on signing up for (you can add classes later, but we just need to know what links to send in order for you to access the classes). All of the classes except for the "Acting/Audition/Perfomance Workshop" can all be purchased individually, in 4 week blocks, or in 8 week blocks (classes can be purchased at If you are planning to attend through the end of May, we recommend the 8 week block as that is the best deal. We are assuming that the student will begin instruction the next class date. If this is not the case, please let us know in the notes below. Thanks! *
Please include any important information we should know below (i.e. explain any information above more fully, concerns, questions, comments, etc.).
I understand that there are risks involved in dance, movement, and the performing arts in general, as well as in using electronics, being online, and from various situations that may arise through participation in these classes. I take full responsibility and agree to not hold Milligan Productions or LifeHouse Productions liable for any injuries or damage (physical or otherwise) that could occur from participating in these classes. I also recognize that Milligan Productions and LifeHouse Productions have no control over, and do not take responsibility for, the venues/spaces/areas that myself or my student(s) use(s) to engage in activities related to these online classes. *
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