SPFBO 2018 Brackets
Feel free to still sign up even if the semifinalists are already being announced. If you see a (SF) behind the name, that means it's now ineligible for the 2 point semifinalist status.
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Bookworm Blues
A Dance of Silver and Shadow
Between the Shade and the Shadow
Blade & Rose
Dragon Sphere
Dreams and Shadows
Fragile Nights
From the Hill of Meggido
Gift of Light
In Pain and Blood
In the Moon's Shadow
Nectar and Ambrosia
Reign of the Walrus Witch
Rucaern Orb
The Finder of the Lucky Devil
The Holtur Curse
The Impossible Wizard
The Jericho Prophecy
The Last Daughter of Lilith
The Last Whisperer
The Necromancer Princess
The Snow Tiger's Trail
Threats of Sky and Sea
Witch Spelling
Bookworm Finalist
Bookworm Finalist
Clear selection
Fantasy Faction
A Warden's Purpose
Ascent Archives
At the end of the Rainbow
Be Careful What You Joust For
Blood and Ashes
Boy of Dreams
Carnifex: A Portent of Blood
Child of the Daystar
Dragon School
Letters from a Shipwreck in the Sea of Suns and Moons
Mirror Bound
Mirrored Myrrh
Mother of the Chosen
On Borrowed Luck
Phoenix Descending
Rogue Arcanist
Rogue Hunters
Ruthless Magic
Second Nature
Spectre of the Spheres
The Engineer
The First Warrior's Code
The Rise of the Fallen
The Seeds of Dissolution
The Sword of Goliath
The Tenth Reaver
FF Finalist
FF Finalist
Clear selection
Fantasy Book Critic
A Spell in the Country
Apples of Idunn
By Raven's Call
Chaos Wolf
Dancing in the Dust
Death March
Death's Merchant
Dominus Silentia
Fangs & Fins
Glitch Hunter
Hell Comes to Hog Town
Here be Dragons
Nia Rae
Quest of the Five Clans
Seeking Shiloh
The Bladesman of Darcliff
The Boy Who Walked Too Far
The Chronicles of Nartesis Shazarack
The Firebird
The Kingdom of Thieves
The King's Voice
The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves
The Soul Prison
Truth or Darkness
Under Everest
FBC Finalist
FBC Finalist
Clear selection
Lynn's Books
A Wizard's Forge
An Empire of Tears
Cursed Wishes
Dark Oak
Dark of Winter
Deadmarsh Fay
Forsaken Kingdom
Heart of the Destroyer
High Barrens
How to go to Hell in 10,000 Easy Steps
Light Dawning
Rebel's Blade
Sanctuary's Fiend
Savage Swords
Shadow of a Slave
Solace Lost
Songs of Insurrection
Sorcerers' Isle
Sworn to the Night
The Bastard from Fairyland
The Lost Sentinel
The Purple Haze
The Sangrook Saga
Under Ordshaw
Victor Boone Will Save Us
Lynn's Finalist
Lynn's Finalist
Clear selection
The Qwillery
Aching God
Ain't a Hero
Blood and Bile
Brothers of the Fang
Days of Endless Night
Dragon Wine
Enchanted Legacy
Kaschar's Quarter
Magic and Murder Among the Dwarves
Magically Bound
Minding the Heavens
Nathaniel Rane: He Who Fights
Rise of the Overlord
Scenes from 'The War on Magic'
The Arrival
The Binding
The Blade Heir
The Dragon's Heir
The Final Lesson
The Game Bird
The Great Hearts
The Necromancer of Peach Valley Orchard
The Song of the Sirin
The Unhappy Medium
Those Brave, Foolish Souls from the City of Swords
The Ill-Kept Oath
Qwillery Finalist
Qwillery Finalist
Clear selection
The Alliterates
A Host of Ills
A Keeper's Tale
Casting Rights
City of a Thousand Faces
Coven Queen
Dimensioner's Revenge
Fallen Empire
Hunters of Life and all that Matters
Kings of Paradise
Love in One Act
Magic's Betrayal
Merkabah Rider
Metal Angels
Never Trust a Vampire
Omnipresent Occulation
Out of Nowhere
Robocopter Ski Patrol
Scorpion's Sting
Shadow Magic
The End Begins
The Hidden Ones
The Pendant Path
The Tempest Guild
Whiskey and Dragon Fire
William Wilde and the Necrosed
Alliterates Finalist
Alliterates Finalist
Clear selection
The Weatherwax Report
Air and Ash
Balam, Spring
Cave Canem
City of Crows
Darkblade Assassin
Daughter of Atlas
Dawn of Darkness
Dragon Mount
Feeding Frenzy
Liath Luachra: The Swallowed
Lords of Asylum
No Sympathies
One Boy, No Water
Over Raging Tides
Shield of Kings
The Carnival of the Night
The Fire Eye Refugee
The Gods of Men
The Gods of Winter
The Knight's Order
The Lion Prophecy
The Lost Temple of Ssis'sythyss
The Red Hourglass
The Shepherd Girl's Necklace
To Walk a Road of Ruin
When the Kingdom Falls
Weatherwax Finalist
Weatherwax Finalist