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"We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” - Angela Davis

Vigil (n.) … from vigil "watchful, awake, on the watch, alert," from PIE root *weg- (2) "be lively or active, be strong" (cognates: Old English wacan "to wake up, arise," wacian "to be awake;" Old High German wahta "watch, vigil;" see wake.

To “vigil” means to pay deep and meditative attention. Major world events are often recognized through candlelight vigils. However, we live in a diverse community and the media is not always in tune with the things that affect some of us most deeply. The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life strives to honor the impact of things that occur across a wide variety of locations and type of impact, and support students in creating a contemplative space where urgent human rights are honored, and calls for social justice are voiced. If you would like to hold a vigil to draw attention to something that matters to you, and help raise awareness of an issue on campus or beyond, we would like to help.

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